DENSO” КОРПОРАЦИЙН ТОВЧ ТАНИЛЦУУЛГА “DENSO” корпораци нь 1949 оны 12-р сарын 16-нд байгуулагдсан бөгөөд одоогоор 130,000 гаруй ажилтан, 184 охин компани (Японд 68, Америк тивд 34, Европт 34, Ази / Номхон далайн бүсэд 48) болон Дэлхийн 30 гаруй улс оронд үйл ажиллагаа явуулдаг автомашины дэвшилтэт технологи, сэлбэг үйлдвэрлэлээр дэлхийг тэргүүлэх томоохон нийлүүлэгч компани юм.    “DENSO” брендийн бүтээгдэхүүнүүд: -          Spark plug  – Standart, Platinum, Iridium – Очлуур (свеча) -          Oil filter, Air filter, Cabin filter – Автомашины шүүгч элементүүд -          Alternator – Жанам -          Starter – Стартер -          Wiper Blade – Шил арчигч -          Fuel Pump - Бензин Насос -          Power Tone – Сигнал -          Radiator – Радиатор -          Condensers – Кондишены радиатор, кондишены мотор -          Oxygen sensor – Яндан мэдрэгч -          Air flow Sensor – Агаар урсгалын дадчик -          Моторын тос масло -          Relay – Релей
J-WORKS КОМПАНИЙ ТАНИЛЦУУЛГА “J-WORKS” нь “DENSO” корпорацийн дэлхийн хэмжээний 4 том борлуулагч компаний нэг бөгөөд 2003 онд “DENSO” корпорацийн 70% (30% нь TOYOTA, HITACHI болон MITSUBISHI) хөрөнгө оруулалтаар байгуулагдсан БНХАУ-ын Тианжин хотод байрладаг компани юм. “J-WORKS” компани нь “DENSO” корпорацийн Ази, Номхон далайн бүсийг хариуцсан борлуулагч компани ба өөрийн нэрийн бүтээгдэхүүн үйлдвэрлэдэг. “J-WORKS” брендийн бүтээгдэхүүнүүд: – Oil filter – Маслын шүүр – Air filter – Агаар шүүгч, – Cabin filter – Кабины шүүр – Brake pad – Наклад – Wiper Blade – Шил арчигч – Моторын тос масло, – Тормозны шингэн
Zhejiang Lamda brake pads Co., LTD-a proffesional brake pad manufactory,was established in 1985,located in Tangxia,Ruian, which is well known for auto parts. Recently, Lamda has one-thousand more mouldings, suitable for three-thousand more car application, and the annual capacity is round three million sets. With the continuous efforts of the R&D staff, friction formula systems are continuously improved and have formed three main formula systems: Ceramic, Semi-metallic and Low-metallic, all are non-asbestos frictional materials, meeting the demands of various customers. Lamda has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and carried out ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management standard. In 2012, we got E CERTIFICATE. We have strict quality control system from the raw material, making process to packing. Lamda is different: 1.     On- time delivery 2.     Sufficient stock 3. Regular increasing mouldings 4. supply the shim, sensor, or other accessories which are OE-equivalent 5. meet or exceed the official regulations for quality or safety 6. wide range of brake pads, supplying for passenger car, truck, motorcycle and bicycle

With the excellent quality and good after sales service, Lamda products are sold to America, Australia, Africa, Middle East, and Asia, more than 60 countries. Lamda are willing to work with our customers all over the world to develop our promising future.  
ZAMMU company fonuded in 2001,devoted to the research and extension of industry synchronous belts and Automotive Belts.Main products including Automotive synchronous belts,Automotive V-ribbed belts,V-belts,Industry synchronous belts and pulleys. Products widely used in motor vehicle,textile,tobacco,electronics,printing food packing,sporting goods and mining machine. For over 10 years,zammu people go through trails and tribulations,At the same time sharing joy of attacked limitations memberous in transimission industry,tillaging all along and growing up every day. ZAMMU’s mission is to take advantage of evey opportunity to provide the best services.